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Belarus16 December 2011

Ritzio’s new 400-square-meter gaming club welcomed its guests on December 15 in the Belorussian city ofGrodno.

Germany01 November 2011

Ritzio North Germany announces expansion of its long-term partnership with Hamburger Handelskammer - Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. 

Belarus07 October 2011

Ritzio’s Belorussian business welcomes a new member, a 133-square-meter Volcano-branded club.

Germany20 September 2011

The company announces that another urban gaming venue joined Berlin’s Vulkan Stern network on September, 5.

Germany11 August 2011

Ritzio Germany expands with two properties in Germany. The first one started receiving visitors on August,1, in Bielefeld, the largest city of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region.

Latvia25 June 2011

Ritzio International reports an openning of two new gaming clubs in Latvia. Both locations belong to the City Casino gaming chain, operated by the company in the country’s urban areas.

Italy20 June 2011

Ritzio Italy reports a launch of VLT operations in its Vulcano della Fortuna gaming properties. A pilot installation of eight Lottomatica machines took place in La Spezia in April and was followed by a batch of 32 VLTs in the company’s other five venues in June.

Germany13 June 2011

In June Ritzio launches its first gaming club in the east German town of Naila. A large 600-square-meter venue is located in the industrial quarter of the town, close to its leisure area, and features a selection of 48 machines with innovative and popular games. 

Latvia23 May 2011

Ritzio International reports an opening of another gaming chain in Latvia. A network of 10 branded clubs was acquired in May, 2011 and has been successfully managed by the new owner.

Germany30 March 2011

Ritzio International reports an openning of a renovated gaming club in Hamburg, Germany.

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