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Company Overview

Ritzio International is a leading multinational gaming operator with over 200 gaming clubs across Europe. The company focuses on high quality retail chain operations with strong and consistent branding, customer service and internal controls. Its properties are primarily small and medium size gaming venues located in urban areas throughout the continent.

Ritzio strives for leadership in all segments of its business.

Operational strength, well-built corporate culture and governance, and access to capital allow Ritzio to maintain a dominant position in existing markets and to achieve success in new ones. Aggressive market entry and development allows Ritzio to achieve a top-three market position in every market it enters.

Ritzio is committed to long-term relationships with its partners and customers.

Across its multiple brands, venue formats and geographic markets, Ritzio provides its customers with a variety of top quality gaming and entertainment services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. International standards of corporate governance and transparency protect and enhance the company’s reputation with the public, customers, employees, and regulators.

Get to know Ritzio gaming brands and companies in Germany, Romania and Croatia.